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I'm Tewa Onasanya, a British-Nigerian publisher, mindset stylist and a affirmation expert. I hold a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Portsmouth, UK, a certificate in Fashion Journalism from the College of Media and Publishing UK, Mindfulness Certificate from Udemy and a Certified Law Of Attraction Practitioner. I am the Founder of Exquisite Magazine Services Ltd, a Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Magazine for women.


“I love to inspire, motivate and empower people to be the best they can be and best version of themselves. With my wealth of experience over the years, I want to share my knowledge to empower other people”.

Tewa Onasanya the Pharmacologist.

Tewa studied Pharmacology at the University of Portsmouth, UK and was one of the top graduating students of her class in year 2000. She went on to work in different Pharmaceutical industries including SmithKline Beechams now GSK, Roche, Organon in the Netherlands and Arzo Nobel in Germany to name a few. After almost 10 years in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Clinical Data Manager working on research data for medicines, she finally got bold enough and left her clinical role to focus on her fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine, Exquisite Magazine which she started whilst still working.

Tewa Onasanya the Publisher

In 2003, Tewa Onasanya launched the pilot edition of Exquisite Magazine, a fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazine for women of colour. Whilst living in Essex, UK, she found the gap in the market for magazines that caters for the woman of colour. She then decided that instead of complaining about it, she was going to do something about it. That was how Exquisite Magazine was birthed. With adverts in four core London underground stations, like Liverpool street station, Oxford street station, Tottenham court road station and more and publicity on Ben TV, Exquisite Magazine was widely accepted. Tewa was interviewed by the BBC in 2004 to talk about the rise in tapping into the black British community by the mainstream beauty industry. The title of the feature was the rise of the ‘Ethnic Pound’. Following the success of Exquisite Magazine in England with its exquisite fashion parties and tea parties, exquisite magazine was launched in Lagos Nigeria and Tewa moved back to her country of origin in 2007. Exquisite magazine is one of the best female magazines in Nigeria with circulation nationwide and still in the UK. In 2015, Tewa was interviewed by CNN reporters for the Passion to Portfolio program which focused on how she turned her passion into a business portfolio from a Pharmacology background.

Tewa Onasanya the Philanthropist

After her move back to Nigeria, Tewa found out that a lot of women were unaware of cervical cancer which according to the WHO reports, kills one woman every hour in Nigeria. With this report, Tewa decided to use exquisite magazine as a platform to increase the awareness for cervical cancer and also offer free screening. This started off with a fashion party that was held annually to raise money for screening and awareness, this was later changed in 2012 to a walk called the EMAC walk. EMAC is acronym for EXQUISITE MAGAZINE ANNUAL CANCER walk. With the Exquisite magazine foundation, Tewa Onasanya and the Exquisite magazine team have been able to screen thousands of women in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The EMAC walk is an event held every year in January (cervical cancer awareness month) and in September (Gynaecological cancer awareness month).

Tewa Onasanya the Originator

With the vision and mission of exquisite magazine being to celebrate, inspire, motivate and empower women, Tewa Onasanya started a tea party in 2005. This is an event which brings women together to network and communicate. In 2009, she started the only female awards in Nigeria called the ELOY awards. ELOY is acronym for EXQUISITE LADIES OF THE YEAR, which uses its platform to celebrate women of excellence in different fields and is also used as a medium to continue to raise the awareness for cervical cancer. The ELOYs have become the most sought after awards for women in Nigeria, with every lady looking forward to the ELOY season to find out if she has been nominated or who has been nominated. The ELOYs is split into two sections, one of the sections has a list of categories which are changed every year to accommodate new categories, thereby giving people a fair chance of being nominated in whatever fields they are in. The other section are the recognition awards, which we call the Ladies Who Inspire awards. Every year, the public nominates and votes and the public choose winners with the input from the judges headed by Tewa Onasanya.

Tewa Onasanya the Mindset Stylist

Following the discovery off a book that changed her life in 2012, Tewa decided to bring her knowledge of how life is supposed to work by helping people change their mind set and attitude towards life. With her life changing experiences, she has been able to and is still  molding the life she desires and wants people to also have that freedom. She started a daily motivational and inspiration quote on her Instagram page which is aimed at jolting people to be the best version of themselves. These quotes started under the hashtag #emotivatewithtewa and now includes the tag #mindsetshiftwithtewa #IAffirmbyTewa #Mindsetstylist.

With her wealth of experience of being an entrepreneur and publisher, a mind-set stylist and the transferable skills acquired from her degree in Pharmacology, she has been invited to and still gives presentations at seminars and conferences. Tewa Onasanya lives to Inspire, Motivate and Empower herself and others.

Tewa Onasanya is married and blessed with two children.
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