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Hello Royal one,

Is this you right now?

❖ You want to develop the right mindset that helps you overcome fear, pressure and happily chase your dreams.
❖ Discover a fail-proof approach towards living the life you want, attracting all good things you’ve been praying for
❖ Be a person that makes use of a thriving mindset to make tremendous impact and grow their revenue
❖ You love to learn, unlearn and relearn the core aspect of the mind that helps you live beyond surviving and starts thriving.
❖ You’ll like to to set high financial and relationship goals, smash it effortlessly and with ease using the power of a right mindset.
❖ You want to start doing what you love and makes you happy. Make an impact in people’s life, make good income and live the life of freedom you want.

Then I can help you. Click here or the image to register for Tea with Tewa

Tea with Tewa is a High Tea Style session where I talk about my story and give the secret on how I have been intentionally ruling my mind. We will discuss how to Rule Your Mind to;

❤ Manifest your desires

❤ Feel good intentionally

❤ Stop limiting beliefs

❤ Use affirmations

❤ Use your imagination and visualisation


Join me as we relax and have a conversation about ruling your mind intentionally. Everyone gets The Rule Your Mind experience kit. Click here to register

About me.

I’m Tewa Onasanya, I am an Entrepreneur and Mindset Stylist (you can google me. smile) and ever since I became intentional about creating the kind of life I want, so I can thrive and not just survive, my life has made a great turnaround.

I’ve gone from not only being the founder of one of Nigeria’s best magazine for women to being a cervical cancer prevention advocate, to a women empowerment advocate to an author, speaker and a mindset stylist. All these hats I wear nicely and i am proud of myself.

I have been featured in different international and local media including the CNN, New York Times, BBC, Thisday Newspaper, Punch and more

Many more achievements by being intentional and using the power of a great mindset. But I also had my fair share of challenges that comes when working towards the life one wants. Ever since childhood, I’ve always wanted to impact people and encourage them to be happy.

I did struggled at it first. I didn’t have a mentor or personal guidance to put me through some essential things about the Power of the Mind and how I can maximize my outcome by transforming my mind.

But along the journey of impacting lives, I found out some very strangely easy but true practices that totally made a great turnaround in my life. These same lessons I have shared with hundreds of individuals in the last 15 years.

Many of them are now getting massive results in their life. Business owners, Professionals, Coaches, Consultants who are now living a life of attracting wealth, health, self confidence, great relationships, freedom. Many who are now breaking grounds with tremendous results.

And if you want to start living the life of your dreams, attract and allow all the good things you’ve been praying for to become your reality, I can help you too.

But your Mindset is the key.

Your mind is where it all starts from.

You become anything you think and feel!

Your mind is the most powerful determinant of your level of success.

You can only transform your Life by renewing your mind.

I believe its thriving season for us all.

So join me at the 4th Tea with Tewa on the 6th of March in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

Payment include delicious High Tea Menu. Early bird rate is N60,000.

You can also pay into GTB account number 0559354068. Call 08038241435 for more details. Only 20 places available for this intimate discussion.

The life you desire also desires you but you have to rule your mind and intentionally make feeling good a priority.

I look forward to breaking bread with you.

Live Intentionally,


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