Live Intentionally With Tewa

The Arise and Rule Workshop

To change our life experiences, we have to change our mindset.
A large part of changing our mindset is to replace incorrect knowledge with positive ones that uplifts one.
I am available to help you re-style your mind.
I an so excited to share this.
The 1st Arise & Rule Workshop will be held in Lagos on the 4th of April 2019.
It’s time.
The time has come for you to live the life you desire intentionally.
The time has come to write, walk, see (minds eye) and speak the vision to reality
The time has come to stop sabotaging yourself with limiting beliefs
The time has come to Rule your mind.
The Arise & Rule Workshop is for champions who are ready to take action intentionally.
Register for the Arise & Rule Workshop today.
Early bird price of N25,000 ends on the 10th of March.
Registration ends on the 18th of March. We like to plan in advance. Places limited. Register.
This promises to be a life changing experience.
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Places are limited, so if you are ready to;
1. Take the bold step and live the life you desire, 2. Create your experiences and know that you deserve all the good life has to offer You,
3. Change your mindset to live well and tired of the mundane,
4. Move to your next level intentionally,
then reserve your spot now. I promise You, it will be a life changing event.
Spaces limited.
 #irulemymind #ruleyourmind #mind #mindwellness #Mindsetstyling #mindsetshiftwithtewa
Click here to register:

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